10 Amazing Foods That You Just Have To Try


It’s always great to have an easy time eating your way around this world and to help you with that, we’ve put together a list of ten foods that are super tasty from different parts of the world. Some of these amazing foods might not be the easiest to pronounce since you might have not heard about them before. All these foods are popular in the countries from which they originate and are amazing to try. You could ask to try them when you find yourself in a country that prepares them or just try cooking them during your staycations.

10. Ajvar


Ajvar refers to roasted eggplant mixed with sweet pepper. It is sometimes also referred to as vegetarian caviar. Ajvar can be either mashed or you can eat it chunky. It’s all up to your preference. The dish can be served as a relish or you could choose to have it as a vegetable or a spread on some white bread made in country style as an appetizer. It has a smoky flavor which makes it a great match for both roasted and grilled lamb. Avjar is also often served alongside cevaps sausage which sometimes is also called cevapcici and a type of bread known as lepinje.  

You can also use Avjar as a cooking ingredient. It has this mild saltiness and is rich in terms of texture making it easy for use in pasta. It’s also great for use as the base for a creation that’s more flavorful. The ripe red color of Avjar will add that extra pop to your risotto and will give cohesion and some bite to bean or grain salads when served along with some crisp vegetables. If you want to use it as a starter use it for soup that’s pureed and chilled, some cheater’s gazpacho.