6 Easy ways to reduce plastic


Recycling is helpful in reducing the amount of garbage in the environment especially because there are very few types of plastic that can actually be recycled. These few types that can actually be recycled take so much time and energy not to mention water. When plastic ends up in the ecosystem, it stays there for hundreds of years putting people at risk because over time it becomes toxic. That said, it’s almost inevitable to find ourselves having to use plastic which is why it’s so difficult to cut it completely from our lives. However, there are ways to reduce plastic that include:

Source: organiccottonmart.com

1. Carrying your own shopping bag

Plastic shopping bags are given to shoppers for free in so many countries around the world and while this might be seen as a benefit, it poses an expensive risk to the environment. As such, it is highly advised that you carry your own shopping bag if you’re going to buy supplies. Going for reusable ones is a good idea but it would be even better if you skip them altogether.

2. Use your own thermos at coffee shops

A great way to reduce plastic is by bringing your own thermos if you’re going to get coffee at a coffee shop. While the disposable coffee cups we see around appear to be just paper, they are usually lined with polythene which happens to fall under the plastic category. While it’s said that they can be recycled, not too many places have what it takes to facilitate the process. The lids of these coffee cups also fall under plastic and some vendors still use polystyrene which is why carrying your own reusable cup is helpful.

Source: smarticular.net

3. Avoid straws

When you order a drink, the most common thing to ask for is a straw in case it doesn’t automatically come with one as it seemingly makes it easier for you to sip your drink. However, plastic straws are single use items that are not really necessary. Form a habit of drinking without using them to reduce plastic use.

4. Avoid disposable razors

Think about it, do you really need to use a razor that you have to keep throwing away every other time? Using these actually increase the amount of plastic that goes into the environment. Instead, consider changing things up and going for a razor that allows you to only replace the blade.

5. Think more about how you store food

It’s very common to find food stored in plastic tins, plastic bags, and other different plastic containers and zipper bags. Instead of this, use jars or containers made of glass in your fridge. You could also try explaining to restaurants around you the importance of doing so although it won’t be the easiest thing to do.

6. Buy supplies in bulk

Most plastic waste is generated from kitchens. As such, one of the best ways to avoid use of plastic containers used in packaging is to buy kitchen supplies in bulk. This aside from saving you the trouble of going to the stores often to shop, also makes sure there’s little for you to get rid of.

These six steps will help you play a significant role in reducing the amount of plastic that goes into the environment and subsequently promoting good health and a better environment.