Five Health Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water


Lemons are known to be rich in vitamins and many other nutrients that are responsible for the proper functioning of our bodies. They support weight loss, heart health, and digestive health. That said, lemon juice can be hard on your teeth’s enamel and it’s important to dilute it if you’re going to be drinking it regularly. Diluting it in water has many benefits.

Here are the benefits of drinking lemon water

Lemon water gives you that much-needed vitamin C supply.

As has already been mentioned, lemons are packed with vitamins that include vitamin C. Drinking lemon water ensures you get enough vitamin C, in fact, a sixth of the amount you need in a day. This protects us from cell damage and helps to repair any injuries. Whenever you feel stressed, the level of vitamin C in your body is affected and so drinking lemon water gives you an immunity boost. You will feel more energized.

Lemon water is an excellent source of potassium

Lemons are rich in potassium which is good for your heart. It also aids in the proper functioning of your brain and in nerve function. The potassium in lemon water helps in transporting nutrients to the different parts of your body. It helps in the communication of nerve muscles, regulation of blood pressure, and in transporting waste.

Lemon water aids in digestion

Lemon juice helps in the loosening of the toxins in the digestive tract thus encouraging digestion. Drinking a glass regularly ensures that you are relieved of any symptoms of digestion that include bloating, burping, and heartburns. The acid in our stomachs normally helps in breaking down food. However, as we age, the natural stomach acid levels reduce and lemon water is great in supplementing it.

Lemon water is helpful in weight control

Lemons are normally said to be instrumental in weight loss. The pectin fiber in lemons has a way of expanding in your stomach making you feel fuller for a longer period. Drinking lemon juice promotes your feeling of fullness.   Drinking it hot can also increase the number of calories you burn thus aiding in weight loss.

Lemon juice keeps your skin free from blemishes

When you drink lemon juice, you benefit from the antioxidants that not only make wrinkles less visible, but also reduce the appearance of blemishes. Lemon water detoxifies your blood and also helps maintain the radiance of your skin in the process by inducing your skin cells to detox. It helps you get rid of impurities like sweat that normally clog the pores. As such, you will be less prone to acne.

Lemon water helps in preventing kidney stones

Dehydration is a major case of kidney stones. These are small lumps that usually form whenever waste products crystallize around your kidneys. It is a very common problem. However, drinking lemon water every morning helps in the prevention of painful kidney stones by increasing the volume of urine and the urine PH.

Lemon water is very refreshing especially when taken cold but it can also be taken hot. Adapting the habit of drinking lemon water is a simple change to your life but very substantial for your overall well-being.