Five Health Benefits Of Orange Juice


Orange juice is a refreshing drink enjoyed all around the world. It’s healthy considering it’s made by simply squeezing the oranges to extract this juice. You can do this easily by using your hand or different types of machines such as blenders. It’s also readily available and makes for a great and refreshing drink especially in the summer.

Aside from the fact that it has a sweet citrus taste, it also has many health benefits. Here are some health benefits of orange juice.

Orange juice fortifies our immune system

If you’re looking to improve your immune system, then orange juice is the best way to go. A single glass of orange juice contains the much-needed Vitamin C and oranges also contain ascorbic acid. These ascorbic acids are components of collagen which help in the rejuvenation of cells and promote the growth of body tissues. Orange juice, therefore, helps us stay healthy and keeps diseases away.

Orange juice prevents kidney stones

Kidney stones refer to small mineral deposits that gather in one’s kidney area and usually lead to symptoms like intense pain, blood in the urine, and nausea. Orange juice, therefore, increases the PH of the urine which in turn makes it more alkaline. An alkaline urinary PH helps prevent the development of kidney stones.

Orange juice assists in the weight loss process

Orange is often incorporated into different diets by people on a weight-loss journey. This is because orange juice is known to have filling properties. While the juice is sweet, it’s low in fat content and also has a low glycaemic index. Due to this, orange juice is great for a snack if you need to grab one but are on a low-sugar diet. It reduces the temptation of buying other different bottled juices.

Orange juice cleanses the skin and reduces wrinkles

If you’re keen on taking care of your skin then orange juice can help with that to a great extent. It contains vitamins C and E that help in the regeneration of the skin cells. It, therefore, helps in the reduction of scarring that’s caused by blackheads and spots. Vitamins C and E also reduce sunburns and repair the damaged cells. When you drink orange juice often, your skin will also be able to heal faster when moderately damaged.

Orange juice also has an anti-aging effect because of the presence of antioxidants and citric acids. Drinking it regularly will make wrinkles less visible and will detox your skin from the many impurities it is subjected to daily.

Orange juice lowers your cholesterol levels

When you continuously drink orange juice, you reduce the level of cholesterol in your body. It works well, especially when combined with other different high fiber foods. It goes a long way in maintaining the strength and proper functioning of your cardiovascular system.

These are just five among the many benefits of drinking orange juice but remember to always go for fresh juice that’s 100% natural as opposed to buying bottled orange juice. These will usually have some added sugars which your body doesn’t need.