Former Police Dog Barks At Tree Continuously, Raising Suspicions Among Investigators


Born as an ex-police dog, this pup Kyle had his mind imprinted with loyalty even as a pup. Kyle is a now old German shepherd who relieved of work as a police dog and was now living his last days in the beautiful countryside with a great view and in the loving care of a couple who fell in love with him at first sight. It is obvious that the dog with how active he still is misses his many years as a police dog. Most of all the human partner he had spent years was raking with, who he had developed a deep bond with.

Kyle has spent most of his life as John’s cop partner. Helping the police force solve countless cases of murder and finding missing people. Would it ever be possible for Kyle to go back to his glory days?

Born with No Worries


Being born for a particular purpose, Kyle already had his entire destiny set in stone. He had no knowledge of it when he was born, he did however find out his path in life later. Kyle was born a happy pup with no worries was born.