Healthy Foods Recommended For Diabetics


For a person who’s used to eating normal meals, switching up to a diabetic diet is not the easiest thing. Prediabetes and diabetes are conditions that need one to regularly monitor their blood sugar, their weight and the amount of carbohydrates that go into their body. For a diabetic, when you allow your blood sugar to rise you could end up suffering kidney problems , nerve damage or even heart disease.

Luckily for people with diabetes, there are a number of different foods they could enjoy just as long as they know what’s good for them and what’s not. They can still have foods rich in flavor thanks to spices such as cinnamon or garlic that are flavor-enhancers. This alongside certain tricks like drinking milk when you wake up in the morning could greatly help in regulating your blood sugar.

Here are some healthy food options for diabetics:

1. Go for dark leafy vegetables

Many dark leafy vegetables like kales and spinach are really good for diabetics. They’re packed with vitamin C, which is their biggest strength. According to research, vitamin C has been found to reduce blood sugar and inflammatory markers. The study recommended that in order to reduce diabetes type 2 symptoms one should eat more green leafy vegetables.

These leafy green vegetables are rich in a variety of minerals that are not only low in calories but also in carbohydrates. When you eat plenty of leafy green vegetables such as kales and spinach, the vegetables will definitely work wonders on your body especially if you have diabetes type 2.