Natural cleaning products you can make at home


Making your own homemade cleaners is a great idea because these products are not only good for the environment but they also help you save a few coins. They’re easy to create and all you need to do is look around your house for different things to use as ingredients. You can make homemade detergents, laundry rinse aids, air fresheners, window and glass cleaners and so much more.

The following are examples of natural cleaning products that you can make by yourself at home:


1. Basic wood cleaner

Wood looks great when properly cleaned and instead of running to the supermarket to get yourself a cleaner specifically for this, how about just grabbing some lemon, olive oil, water and some natural liquid soap to create one. All you need to do is combine all these ingredients in a bowl. The proportions can easily be found on the internet if you’re not too sure of how much to use. Take a sponge and saturate it with the mixture. You can then squeeze out any excess liquid and start cleaning.

An alternative to using lemon is using vinegar. The advantage it has over lemon is that you can make a lot of it and store in a jar to use multiple times while with lemon, you can only make as much as you need to use.

2. A window cleaner

Your windows also need to be washed so that they stay clear and clean. Making a window cleaner is as simple as gathering washing soda, some hot water, club soda and some detergent or liquid soap. In the hot water, dissolve the washing soda then pour the mixture into a spray bottle. In the bottle, add the club soda and liquid soap. Give it a good shake and then start using the cleaner for your window.


3. Soft scrubber for mildew

You can make a mildew removal scrubber using borax, a few drops of tea tree oil, some detergent and some liquid soap. Take the borax and put it in a bowl. Add the liquid soap in slowly and keep stirring while you do this until its consistency is similar to that of frosting. After this you can add the oil and stir the mixture to combine to form a creamy mixture. When you’re ready to start using it, just scoop it into a sponge and use it to scrub the surface. Rinse afterwards.

4. Stainless steel cleaner

For this you need to have olive oil, vinegar and a soft piece of microfiber cloth. Liberally spray the vinegar on the stainless steel surface and then using the piece of cloth, rub in the same direction as the grain in order to clean it. Dip the cloth in olive oil and once again rub it in the grain’s direction.

5. Toilet bowl sizzler

For this get about a half cup baking soda, and some white distilled vinegar. Pour these into your toilet and allow the mixture to sizzle then scrub thoroughly before you flash your toilet.

It’s really possible and easy to get your home looking clean and smelling fresh. These five ideas will surely get you started.