Warning! Think Twice Before Eating These Foods From China


China is that one country that’s always busy creating things meant for export around the world. It’s simply a very busy country. China exports a lot of goods ranging from machinery, clothes to food. Some of the things from the country are amazing and you could definitely make great use of. However, there are so many other things to be wary about from China, including food items.

Here are ten foods from China you should think twice about before eating:

1. Canned Tuna


Canned tuna imported from China, just like canned peaches is bad for your health as it comes loaded with a significant amount of lead that’s been well hidden in the metallic can. That’s actually the only reason you shouldn’t import and eat this.

Aside from just the dangers that come with lead poisoning, canned tuna also comes with many substances found in the other types of fish that come from China that are also harmful to our bodies.  The Chinese fish farms are highly polluted and contain very toxic chemicals . The fish to a great extent feed on the diet found there that includes animal waste. All of that actually ends up in the can packaging of fish which poses a threat to your overall health every single time you buy more.