Coffee-Station Ideas For Your Home


A fresh cup of hot coffee in the morning gives your body that much-needed boost which is why it will never get boring or go out of style. However, it shouldn’t just be about the love for coffee, but also the love for the place you store and brew it at. Having a cluttered cabinet full of coffee bags and coffee cups is not the most appealing thing to look at. However, a great coffee bar goes a long way in streamlining your early morning routine since it means you have less chaos to deal with while trying to get your favorite morning beverage ready.

All you need to get started is a some space in your house that you’ll dedicate specifically to coffee-making. It doesn’t have to be a big space because you only need to work with what you have. Here are some ideas you could incorporate into your DIY coffee bars


1. Get a multipurpose cart

It’s a great idea to keep your drinks ready for when you need them and what better way to do so than to get your coffee bar a cart. Going for a dual purpose cart gives you value for money as you will be able to store the accessories and all the ingredients you need to use for both your morning coffee brews and the night time drinking.

2. Make a fully-stocked cabinet

If you’re not particularly into the idea of spending in order to get your coffee bar up and ready, how about using what you already have? Every home or kitchen has a cabinet space. You could use one cabinet as your coffee station by fully stocking it up with the coffee basics. Include your best or favorite coffee mugs, your beverage and everything you use in your coffee brewing in there. Make sure the cabinet is neatly arranged to make it easy for you to grab what you need on the go.

3. Align your coffee station with the rest of your house

Today, the importance of your home’s aesthetic cannot be undermined. That’s why people take a good amount of time to decide on the color schemes and décor for their home. Coming up with a coffee station in your home is a great idea but it’s even better to align your station to your home’s entire aesthetic for that sense of uniformity. Make sure the colors, the prints and patterns are all uniform.


4. Go for a decorative mug display

How about infusing some color into your coffee station by creating a nice carousel of different colored coffee mugs? Use mugs with different patterns and you can also add paper straws to make it more interesting. It will add some life to your house.

5. Consider a multi-level type of coffee station

If you’re really pressed for space, that doesn’t mean you cannot have a coffee station in your home. How about thinking vertically instead? You could hang different shelves that come in different sizes and shapes so that you hang your mugs, spoons and all the accessories you love to use in brewing and drinking your favorite beverage.

Those are just a few of many possible ideas to get yourself that lovely coffee station that will make sure you look forward to drinking your cups of coffee every time you need to.