South Indian Breakfast Recipes To Try


South Indian cuisine is known to be very vast and it has a wealth of dishes from five different states in the South Indian region. The states include: Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Kerala.  The states also have their own regional cuisines and recipes that are both unique and delicious. Examples include Udupi cuisine, the Chettinad cuisine, Hyderabadi cuisine and the Mangalorean cuisine among many others.

In this post, we share a few of the popular recipes for breakfast from the southern part of India that you could incorporate into your breakfast menu if you’d like to try something different.  Most of these breakfast recipes are known to be healthy and are worth trying out for your well being.  They include:



Among the most popular breakfast recipes in India is idli.  It’s not only popular in south India but throughout other parts of the country.  It’s prepared to be served soft and fluffy alongside coconut chutney and sambar . Aside from idli being very tasty, it also has a number  of health benefits which makes it one of the most nutritious breakfasts you can eat.

Masala Dosa

Masala Dosa is another very popular South Indian dish that’s popularly eaten for breakfast. It’s also commonly eaten overseas  because despite the fact that making it is quite the process, it’s worth it. The dosa is usually served crisp alongside a tasty delicious potato masala so you just need to know how to make both potato masala and the dosa batter. If you have limited time, you could skip the potato masala and go straight into making the plain dosa which is usually refered to as the sada dosa with some coconut chutney.

Khara Pongal

The Ven Pongal is a popular breakfast in South India that is made with yellow moong lentils and rice. It’s a porriage-like dish that’s laced with asafetida, cumin and black pepper. The savory breakfast dish also contains the sweet aroma of ghee that is included in the recipe for tempering of the spices.  Some other variations of Pongal that you could consider eating for breakfast include the Rava Pongal, Sweet Pongal and the Chakkra Pongal.


Appam: Rice with coconut pancake

In order to create appams, you need to have a handful of ingredients so that the end result is magical and fluffy.  These tasty, lacy and soft hoppers are also called palappam and are a favorite in Kerala. They are served together with some vegetable stew, are soft and thick at the center and have an exterior that’s paper thin.  Appams are great for lapping up different curries.

Ragi Dosa

Ragi Dosa is a type of comfort food that is very popular in south India. Compared to other dosas, this is a healthier alternative that will make for a great, delicious breakfast.  It’s made of a combination of two floors that include rice floor and ragi. The ragi dosas are a low glycaemic index breakfast food that is useful in controlling blood sugar levels.

Those are five among the vast range of Indian foods that make a delectable breakfast. You can find their recipes online and try them at home or better yet, you could order them should you find yourself in an Indian restaurant or in India.